How big is your imagination? Does it run as wide and deep as the ancient River Nile? Running strong and sure through the land of the ancients where pharaohs ruled, historians mused this mighty rivers source and poets wrote odes to its beauty.

Indulge yourself, follow in the footsteps of some of the worlds greatest explorers as they sailed down the mighty River Nile in search of the secrets of the ancients, golden treasures that filled the eyes and answers to some of the worlds greatest mysteries.

Step aboard a great tradition in Nile travel, the stately Dahabiya. The vision and attention to original detail in traditional boat building allied with the uncompromising luxury and comfort of modern day make traveling on a Dahabiya is a matchless choice for your Nile adventure.

The dahabiya has been used for many centuries as a means of transportation on the Nile. Most were used for carrying freight. but in the 19th century as Nile travel became popular with the increasing number of tourists visiting Egypt, many were converted into passenger vessels. Amelia Edwards, in her book "1000 miles down the Nile", travelled in a dahabiya. Before the advent of steam powered cruisers, Thomas Cook operated several hundred dahabiyas on the Nile.

The sandal is a smaller version of a dahabiya, again originally used as a freight vessel on the Nile. Many can still be seen transporting stone up and down the Nile.

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